With more than 15 years in fashion buying and retail Fenton’s mini boutique has also established a loyal customer base that relies on the skilful eye of the buyer Cordula. She manages to find classic and timeless pieces, often with a twist, from international collections like Neeru Kumar (India), BL-NK (UK, made in India), Northland (Italy), Grace & Mila (France), endless rose (USA) and Onjenu from London. Collections often change so that customers stay interested and keep finding new treasures each time they visit.
The aim is to make fashion accessible to a wide audience, suited for different ages and budgets.
There are also some beautiful accessories, like jewellery by Made With Love and embroidered bags and tribal accessories by Pompomelo on sale.
For enquiries please email Cordula @ the contact page or
phone the shop 020 7704 9654