Neeru Kumar, a rare and inspiring talent, is India's leading textile designer for the last three decades. Her name is synonymous with textiles and high fashion, and is known around the globe for integrating India's unique handloom skills into mainstream fashion and home décor solutions. She has generated an exciting, original and extremely contemporary design palette, while at the same time pushing forward the frontiers of the traditional skills on which her work is based.

Her collection consists of timeless and beautifully hand crafted and tie dyed jackets and dresses that suit women of all ages and shapes, using the intricate technique of tritik shibori dying.

Yavi (the daughter of Lalit Raga design in Delhi) reveals her talents via a splendid collection of hand embroidered buttons and a first line of ready to wear. Yavi is a fashion and accessories brand. Designed to travel through the art of processing original textiles to get products full of souls from the heat of their history. The awareness of the brand lies in the use of traditional artisanal textile and color techniques. In Yavi, each piece that is created, passes through an enchanting odyssey, loved and nurtured by many skilled craftsmen at every stage, to create a conscious, unique and sophisticated final product with discrete luxury.